Rainbow Bridge


Can you name the perfect dog?  We can, “Rusty”.

Rusty came into rescue almost 4 years ago from a shelter in Georgia.  He was not the typical Jack Russell Terrier, yes he loved to play fetch but he also loved to lay out in the sun, on the couch and in a lap watching TV.

Rusty was well-mannered and loved people, the other dogs and cats in his foster home and tolerated all of those silly puppies.  Rusty charmed everyone who met him and he had built up a large following.

For those of you who knew Rusty, his health declined about 3 years ago and he was rushed to the ER vet at 3am, the diagnosis was HE (Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis).  He would have mild bouts off and on over the years and would sometimes need to be hospitalized overnight.  Rusty also would get very anxious whenever there was thunder and high winds, during monsoon he would actually live in his Thundershirt and he sported a calming collar, sometimes he would need a sedative. 

Two weeks ago Rusty took a turn for the worse and was hospitalized twice during this timeframe.  He had stopped eating, lost 5 pounds, stopped seeking affection from his people, stopped enjoying the sun, his body was shutting down.

We said Good Bye to Rusty this afternoon, we held him in our arms while he crossed that Rainbow Bridge.

This is the down side of Rescue, but this one was especially hard, Rusty was the “perfect dog” and was in our home for 4 years, he was so very much a part of our family.  Rusty touched so many lives.

Rest in Peace Rusty, we take solace knowing that you knew love and are no longer anxious or in pain.


Reggie, Reggie, Reggie

What a life you had, from being abandoned at an empty home with your 6 puppies to Rescue.

While, you were only with us here at Miss Maggie May's Rescue for a short 4 months we rest assure they were great.

Finding out your pelvis had been broken as well as the crack on your spine, either while you were pregnant or while you were nursing your pups, you showed us how resilient you were and how much you enjoyed life. You were a great mom and there is comfort in knowing that your pups have your spirit and zest for life.

When the dreaded news came that you had a very severe case of Valley Fever, it just made us more determined to help you heal and continue to be the ever so sweet dog you were.

But, that was not to be, Valley Fever robbed you of having the great life you so desperately needed and deserved.

We take solace in knowing that you are now pain free, your back legs work and you can run like you once did, the seizures are now gone!

RIP sweet sweet Reggie, you knew love the last months of your short life and your spirit lives on in your pups.